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More Than Monitoring

Indoor air quality changes quickly without you even knowing. gams helps you stay one step ahead of your indoor air so you’re always in control.

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Your Solution To Spotting Indoor Air Quality Issues

We give you greater visibility of your indoor air so you can spot hidden issues before they become problems.

Improve Your Indoor Air in 3 Easy Steps

Improving your indoor air is now easier than ever with our 3 step process.


Install real time air quality monitoring to spot the time and place pollutants occur. Indoor air quality deteriorates quickly without you even knowing. Real time monitoring helps you identify hidden issues before they become problems.



Track the performance of your indoor air to know when its time to change your filters or make changes to your HVAC systems. Use live data from our cloud monitoring platform to make data driven decisions about your air.



Use your numbers to reassure your customers and staff that you have your air under full control. Weekly reports give you proof that your indoor air quality goals have been met. Stand out from the rest who still don’t know what’s in their air.


Our Engagement Process

We take indoor air quality as seriously as we take your business. In order to better serve you, we first work with you to understand your needs and indoor air quality goals. We then provide you with a two week early assessment of your indoor air to understand: how your building is living; what improvements are needed; and what air quality goals should be established. We then work with you to establish an air quality strategy and guide you through remediation with our partners.  Once you’re set up, we check in with you periodically to ensure your air quality goals are successfully met during the year.

gams client engagement process

Book An Early Assessment

Our early assessment is a smart first step towards understanding your indoor air. We monitor your indoor air in real time over a period of two weeks. This helps you spot hidden issues early on. Our team then works with you to develop actionable steps to maintaining safe air.