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Book Early Assessment

A smart first step towards understanding your indoor air. Helping you optimize the performance of your current systems and facility management to maintain safe air.

Helping You Identify Hidden Issues Early On

Our Indoor Air Quality Early Assessment Includes:

  • 2 Week Real time monitoring of your indoor air quality across 6 parameters: PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC’s, temperature and humidity

  • Live display of your indoor air quality data viewable on desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, monitor screen

  • Assessment Report explaining your indoor air performance during the period which allows you to:

    • Compare air quality readings during open and closed hours
    • View daily averages across each air quality parameter
    • Identify air quality issues and set performance goals for your filtration and HVAC units
    • Determine actionable next steps to ensure safe indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality Early Assessments By Appointment Only

Our indoor air quality early assessment helps you identify hidden issues early on and ensures your systems are working effectively. Assessments outside of office hours are scheduled on a case by case basis only.


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