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Cloud Monitoring

Real time indoor air quality info at your finger tips 365 days a year, accessible from anywhere. It’s packed with automatic alerts, reports and analytics. So take a load off, we work so you don’t have to.

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Indoor Air Quality Cloud Monitoring

gams is a cloud monitoring platform as a service that provides business insights through real time indoor air quality monitoring. It provides you with real time information and notifies you when there is a sudden change in your air. With gams by your side there’s no need to worry whether your systems are working when the unexpected happens. We’ll alert you when you need to know. Leave the worrying to us.


  • Stay one step ahead of your air and stay in control

  • Spot air quality issues early on and avoid costly problems in the long run

  • Make better decisions that are tailored to your building needs

  • Manage your building better by streamlining all your data into one user interface


  • Automatic alerts notify you when there’s an adverse change in your air

  • Weekly reviews assess your indoor air quality against local and international standards

  • Powerful analytics tell you how your indoor air responds to external environmental factors such as smog, dust or chemicals

  • Open API allows you to integrate gams cloud monitoring platform with your existing enterprise software

How It Works

The Brain of Our Operation

Multi Sensor Cloud Platform

gams cloud platform is engineered to support large sensor networks.

You can connect multiple types of sensors to suit your business needs. gams supports multiple types of sensors such as indoor and outdoor air quality sensors, energy sensors, gas sensors etc.

Its robust backend and powerful analytics allow it to process data from thousands of commercial grade sensors in real time.

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Usability & Reporting

Say goodbye to tiresome spreadsheets. gams user friendly control panel gives you convenient access to all your historical data through graphs and easy to print reports.

gams also automatically emails you weekly updates with a high level view of your performance.

Brand Integration

gams open API allows you to fully integrate its backend with yours so it looks and feels exactly like your brand.

Sensor Disconnection Alerts

No more guessing if your sensors are offline.
Should your sensors get disconnected, our platform will alert you. Our step by step troubleshooting guide will help you get your sensors back online in no time.

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Data Loss Protection

There’s no need to worry about losing your data.
With data buffering enabled, should your sensors get disconnected, all your data will be stored locally and then be updated to gams backend when they’re back online.

Customized Alerts

Configure your alerts according to your company safety policies or use our recommended guidelines. gams allows you to preset your air quality safety levels and receive automatic alerts if these limits are exceeded. Let gams alert you only when you need it to.

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Book Early Assessment

Our early assessment is a smart first step towards understanding your indoor air. We monitor your indoor air in real time over a period of two weeks to help you spot hidden issues early on. We then work with you to develop actionable steps to maintaining safe air.