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Outdoor Pollution Alerts are now Live

By |News|

The gams team is really excited to announce free access to our outdoor air quality alert system for schools. With the outdoor pollution coming back on the front of most people's minds, gams is providing free access to the perfect tool for peace of mind on campuses across China. Project [...]

Report Digest: Is the Open Office Layout Dead?

By |News, Report Digest|

Recently published by Dropbox, Is the Open Office Layout Dead? Questions past trends in office design and provides us with insight into the offices of the future. The environment around us heavily impacts how we perceive ideas, process information and communicate with others. The open office layout, developed by German [...]

gams is Working with RESET to become accredited for Cloud Monitoring

By |News|

Our team is excited to announce our partnership with leading certification institute, RESET, for recognition of gams cloud monitoring technology. Once finalized, gams live reading data can be utilized directly through RESET to assess indoor space health performance levels. With people representing 90% of operational costs for many of today’s companies, [...]

Report Digest: The Future of Work and Workplace Environments

By |News, Report Digest|

We all know that the workplace environment around us is changing rapidly. Increased technology, Millennials continuing to enter the workforce, and local attitudes towards embracing sustainability impact office environments everyday. While reading the latest Office Trend Report for 2020 from JLL, the gams team found some interesting facts to share. [...]

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