gams to Officially Join RESET Air as Accredited Data Provider

gams is excited to announce our partnership with leading Building Standard RESET Air to become an accredited data provider. Together, gams endeavours to empower more certification professionals’ assess live building performance with our smart IEQ monitoring and management platform.



RESET is the first live performance-based and live data-driven building standard and certification program. Rather than using static building metrics to profile the quality of indoor environment, the standard employs a result-driven approach – live monitoring to managing indoor spaces.


” GAMS combines hardware and software that meets the RESET Standard for commercial indoor air quality monitoring. This helps their users make high quality decisions that positively impact building operations and human health. We’re delighted to welcome GAMS as a RESET Air Accredited Data Provider.

– Raefer Wallis, CEO of GIGA, Founder of RESET


” Green building certifications are a path to a more sustainable & healthy future, that’s why gams pursued a collaboration with RESET. Both organizations hold the same missions of health, sustainability and operation excellence.

– Stefan Berder, CEO of gams


Inside the building lifecycle, RESET prioritizes on-going results and long-term occupant health. For now, RESET Air – Commercial Interior can be applied in: Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Retails and Gyms, while RESET Air – Core & Shell can be applied in: Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Retails and Factories.