Looking Back on 2017

In 2017, over 150 spaces in China, HK, Japan, Singapore and Thailand were using the gams indoor environment quality (IEQ) monitoring solution, sending a whopping 317.4 million data points and covering a total of 640,000 sqm across schools, offices, co-working spaces and retail spaces. We’ve noticed a strong interest in IEQ as both smart management and healthy environment become a requirement for more and more building users.

And now, before we step into a brand-new phase, what better way to bring in a fresh 2018 than by taking a look back on moments and events that made 2017 different!

1. The most agile and powerful platform for IEQ management on the market today

gams smart environment monitoring and management platform offers real time IEQ visualization and data analysis across all your devices & environments, anytime and anywhere.

The platform is built to offer agile real time data insight for better building management. We send weekly IEQ performance report as well as actionable notifications when there is an adverse change in your environment. In addition to reducing the workload of operation teams manually measuring and reporting IEQ levels, our centralized control center provides an overview and detailed analysis of their spaces – all in one place!

2. Five new monitors connected to the platform

The gams platform is built to be flexible and extensible to maximize monitoring coverage and data processing. Thanks to our engineering team, this year we have successfully connected 5 new monitors onto our platform. It’s always been one of our goals to provide a single platform to all our customers monitoring and management needs. Our unified reporting and control platform sets the standard across all IEQ data.

3. Successful Green Building events held in Shanghai and Beijing

Thanks to AIA (American Institute of Architects), AmCham, French Chamber of Commerce and all of our event partners, this year we successfully held 4 events in both Shanghai and Beijing where over 200 professionals from architecture, Green Building and prop tech joined us. For 2018, our quarterly events will aim to bring the green building tech community together and create a discussion forum for progress in knowledge and practices.

Stay tuned on our upcoming events!

4. Some important deals have been signed

We believe that monitoring indoor environment quality is essential to optimizing our indoor spaces. Leveraging IEQ data and derived insights gives us ultimate control over the micro environment in which we live and work. Among the professionals and companies we met last year, we are excited by the ones sharing the same vision and stepping forward to take control of their environment.

While we continue working on a greater public awareness, we are deeply encouraged that some big businesses and important community actors have committed to work with us and our solution partners!


5. More partners than ever working with gams

We want to thank our forward-thinking customers and partners for trusting what we do. We saw the shift happening especially last year with more and more professionals and companies adopting advanced IEQ monitoring solutions.

In 2017, we saw an increase in monitoring and management demands from environment professionals. We now provide the benefits of our solution to multiple partners including AtmosAir, EnVerid, JLL, PureLiving and Environment Assured among others across Asia. Together, we aim to provide healthier and more sustainable living and working environments.

Keep shipping and stay focused

Last year was important for gams, it continued to reinforce the belief that real time environmental data can be turned into decisions and actions that lead to healthy living environments and reduced operation costs.

We believe that for the next generation of building management, smart is everything. In order to achieve that, smart monitoring and management are central and indispensable. While we work on new features and tools to match this vision, here is a shortlist of our biggest priorities: more IoT for IEQ, more flexible and user friendly reporting and IEQ forecasting and automation.

1. Expand to cover more IEQ monitors

Monitoring is the starting point to real-time IEQ data and intelligence. To be able to take complete control of our indoor spaces, we are searching, testing and connecting more environmental monitors onto the gams platform to widen our IEQ offering. To start off, we will be looking at Energy and HVAC monitoring.

2. Flexible reporting and WeChat integration

Robust reporting has always been a core part of our offering, besides the ones that we shipped last year (automatic weekly report, disconnection notifications, school outdoor PM2.5 alert report and raw data extractions), we will be developing more reporting mechanisms specific to IEQ. Very soon, all of our reports will be linked to an exclusive WeChat Mini APP!

3. IEQ Forecasting and Automation

Indoor environments are constantly changing, each with their own unique layout and complicated air handling system. This is part of the reason why indoor environments are so hard to manage and why human led operations can lead to less than ideal IEQ levels.

To optimize environmental management for best efficiency and reduce tedious & potentially faulty operations, gams is committed to developing reliable forecasting capabilities and embracing full building automation. gams uses Machine Learning to build up our proprietary IEQ forecasting engine (in test phase). The results and reliability of our predictions are providing us with a strong platform for automation. By the time this article releases, we have already begun rolling-out our vert first IEQ smart control pilot project using real-time monitoring and forecasting.