[Leaders in Air : SCSC] How Does PM2.5 Impact You When You Exercise?

The Shanghai Community Sports Club (SCSC), formally known as the Shanghai Rugby Football Club, dates its origins to the late 19th century. It is now the most diverse sports club in Shanghai hosting almost a dozen sports at the new Wai Gao Qiao facility. All profits from the club are reinvested into developing the club and club facilities.

Shanghai Community Sports Club Sport For All Practice

In 2010, the SCSC developed the nonprofit, Sport For All, to provide sports opportunities for local children. Sport for All now provides coaching for over 3,500 children weekly through 20 professional coaches.

When the unexpected happens..

Venue for Concrete & Grass Music Festival, Shanghai Community Sports Club

In the Fall of 2015, a car brand booked a field in Wai Gao Qiao, Pudong to host a huge outdoor event. Everything was planned and organized, until the event day arrived and the AQI published by local government monitors measured hazardous air pollution levels. The event was cancelled and how do we stop this situation in the future became the question on everyone’s mind. 

Why was the event cancelled due to air quality? 

Strong evidence concludes that increased PM present in air pollution increases disease and mortality rates from chronic cardiovascular issues.

Exercising + High PM 2.5 Levels Graphic - gams

A 2004 Australian study concluded that increased air intake from exercising increased the level and toxicity of air contaminants in the lungs, causing harmful side effects. Another study of Soccer players in Germany found that when PM measured over 50 mg/m2, player performance decreased by as much at 16%. This number increased for players over 30 years old, who showed amplified negative effects due to increased PM levels.

The solution?

A Thermo Fisher PDR 1500 scientific monitor to measure real-time PM2.5 24/7

The SCSC team met and realized that the local government air quality data may be flawed as the closest station was 5km away and only updates every 2 hours.

Thermos Fisher PDR 1500 scientific monitor to measure real-time air quality 24/7

From site remediation monitoring to health effects studies to construction/demolition projects, the pDR-1500 provides the power and flexibility to provide both real-time results and gravimetric validation.

“We have a duty of care to all our members and users to comply with the highest community environmental standards for outdoor activities. In partnership with GAMS we can ensure we provide best in class environmental operating procedures.” – Ashley Jones, Executive Director at SCSC 

The SCSC and Sport For All managers rely on the air quality policy and live data to insure a safe environment for all their practices and games, which includes:

1. 24/7 On-site Outdoor Monitoring

Air quality emergencies like the latter one has never happened again, as SCSC now communicates on-site air quality data with event holders throughout the planning process including updates through the morning of the event. unexpected happens.

2. Air Quality Safety Guidelines

Using recommended air quality safety guidelines by gams, the SCSC developed an internal air quality policy to specifically guarantee events are held in a safe environment.

3. Outdoor Safety Alerts

Adults and children utilize the sports facility and their transparent air quality information is crucial to players and parents.

To learn more about monitoring air quality at your exercise facility, contact the gams team today!