R1 Tech Shanghai HQ Takes Control of Their IAQ

As our newest project, R1 Tech is opening their Shanghai office and hired us to set-up gams signature indoor air quality control service for their new office.

R1 Tech Office - Now using gams

Based in Guangzhou, R1 Tech is an innovative company focused on implementing nano-technology solutions for indoor formaldehyde issues.

As a fellow company focused on solving environmental issues, it’s been wonderful to work with their team as they create a safe and healthy work environment for their Shanghai staff.

Sarah Wu, General Manager of R1 Tech Shanghai told us, “As we are moving into this new office, we are concerned about the VOC level which is obviously going to be high right after the renovation work. We plan to apply our own solution to reduce the formaldehyde level, being able to have the data is crucial to our work. Ultimately, we want all of our employees to work in a healthy working environment. After all they are the best assets we have!”

TVOCs are the underlying issue

The gams indoor air quality monitors work through MEM’s metal oxide sensors to detect TVOC’s up to 2.0 mg/m3. Typical sources of TVOC’s after building remodels include:

• Paints
• Wood preservatives
• Cleaners and disinfectants
• Building materials and new furnishings
• Copiers and carbonless copy paper

The gams team will provide 24/7 Indoor Air Quality monitoring for the R1 Tech Shanghai office including weekly reports of their IAQ overview with a focus on TVOC’s after their building remodel.

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