SEIPS Showcases Air Quality Data at the Expat Show

During the 2017 Expat Show in Shanghai, we confirmed that parents care deeply about the impact of the school environment for their children. Since 2007, expats from around the world have gathered at the annual expat show hosted in the Shanghai Exhibition Center to learn about everything from groceries to schools to marketing opportunities for their businesses.

SEIPS exhibited at the show last weekend to communicate their commitment to provide children with a safe and healthy learning environment. With live air quality data, parents were awed with the technology SEIPS has employed to promote and maintain their indoor environment.

The Marketing Executive from SEIPS, Ann Xin said, “We are here to introduce our high quality bilingual international education to the expat families in Shanghai. During the expat show, we display live indoor air quality values from campus to promote our healthy and safe environment.”

SEIPS Live Air Quality Data | gams

We rejoice in SEIPS commitment to sustaining a healthy indoor environment for their students and enjoyed learning more about their class offerings.

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