How Does Stale Office Air Impact Your Productivity?

How Does Stale Office Air Impact Your Productivity?

A few hours into your morning at the office, does your concentration and productivity slow? Do you find it more difficult to make decisions in the afternoon?


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A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review found a correlation between increased cognitive function and ventilated, fresh air environments.

The study created an optimized workspace by controlling the VOC level and increasing the amount of fresh air brought in while measuring the CO2 levels. When workers were exposed to the lower levels of all 3 compounds, they were more productive in strategic decision making, planning and strategizing.

After finding very positive results in the first study, they moved onto testing businesses in various areas and found that workers in ‘green buildings’ scored higher on the cognitive tests as well.


What does this mean for my office?

Building managers should ensure that the air including temperature and humidity levels is healthy and comfortable for their staff. The study estimated productivity benefits averaging $6,500 per person per year in the U.S. through optimized environments. This benefit analysis didn’t include health benefits such as reduced absenteeism and sick building syndrome cases.

Begin measuring CO2 and VOC levels in your office environment to ensure that enough fresh air is entering the system and organic compounds are being controlled. You can also begin making regular checks for temperature and humidity levels.


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Consider creating an optimized workspace as a strategic decision for your organization and begin implementing the changes today. gams is here to assist by bringing you 24/7 real-time air quality monitoring.

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