Leaders in Air EF

Education First is Leading in Indoor Air Quality

EF Education First (EF) collaborated with gams and AtmosAir to become an indoor air quality leader. In early 2016, EF began looking for a way to improve the air quality for their headquarters in Shanghai and their call center in Pudong. The new turnkey solution was installed shortly after for air quality purification and monitoring. Now both office environments meet ‘Very Good’ World Health Organisation standards.



As the largest private English education institution in China, EF specializes in language training, educational travel, academic degree programs and cultural exchange. With the clean air initiative, EF now publishes their indoor air quality  data throughout the building for staff and visitors to view. What a cool move! View the images in the gallery below to see the live data displays.



Managing Indoor Air Quality at EF

  • 24/7 indoor air quality  monitoring for the headquarter office and Pudong call center

  • Indoor air quality guideline recommendations

  • Live indoor air quality readings for their TV displays

  • Air quality awareness workshops for their staff

EF live indoor air quality display

Data Driven Decision Making at EF

EF now receives weekly indoor air quality  reports to clearly view their air situation and create ease in their air quality management. Monitoring identified that the EF HVAC system was consistently bringing too much fresh air into the building. The EF team was able to reduce the HVAC fresh air intake which led to immediate energy savings.


EF live indoor air quality display

The initiatives taken by EF clearly show their forward-thinking mindset to improving the workplace environment for their staff. Through a combination of gams technology and staff education, EF was able to take on the fight for clean air in their office environments and become an indoor air quality leader.

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