Leaders in Air naked Hub

naked Hub is Leading in Indoor Air Quality

naked Hub is the largest network of premium co-working spaces in Asia, with 12 locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Launched by naked group in 2015, it quickly became a leading co-working brand. naked Hub focuses on sustainability as its differentiator and provides a fresh and healthy space for their hubbers.

NakedHub Coworking Space - Clean Indoor Air from gams

“On an everyday basis, our partners including PureLiving, GAMS, and enVerid help us create a [co-working] environment where our staff and members can breathe clean air.  With the real-time monitoring, we are not only able to give a peace of mind to our occupants, but also gain an edge on our competition and ultimately take care of more basic operation needs for our members so they don’t have to.” – Manoj Mehta, CEO of naked Group

In 2016, naked Hub installed CO2 reduction and air filtration systems in their coworking spaces. They adopted gams indoor air quality monitoring solutions to ensure their systems were working to keep indoor air safe. In order to provide peace of mind to their hubbers, naked Hub integrated their indoor air quality data into their APP. Today, they proudly share this data with their community (See screenshot below). Soon, TV screens will display air quality information in each hub. This shows that naked is committed to being transparent with their hubbers in providing safe air.

Managing Indoor Air Quality at naked Hub

  • 24/7 Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring:

    Sensors located throughout all the hubs monitor air quality data in real time and track changes.

  • Air Quality Safety Guidelines:
    gams helps naked Hub set air quality goals and guidelines based on local and international standards.

  • Open API:
    Air quality data collected by gams sensors is integrated across all their platforms including their APP and TV displays

Indoor Air Quality Performance at naked Hub

All naked hubs are equipped with high spec purification systems. Monitoring air quality changes inside the hub ensures their investment in CO2 reduction and air filtration systems is bringing in positive return.

naked Hub co-working space air quality results - with gams monitoring

The data verifies that their working environment is safe, clean, and comfortable in the following ways:

  • PM2.5 levels average 12 ug/m3 which meets the WHO safety guidelines – this is terrific. (see weekly data above)
  • CO2 levels average 600ppm consistently due to their high performance fresh air system. (see graph above)

naked Hub is truly embracing sustainability and client comfort as part of their brand value. We fully support their dedication to serving their co-working community and are happy to help improve indoor air quality in their Hubs across China. We applaud naked Hub for leading the way in the co-working industry in providing safe indoor air.

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